Hand-Lettering Workshop!

Exciting news!! If you are local to Fredericksburg, VA, you won't want to miss my hand-lettering workshop on March 21st, hosted by Duly Noted – the cutest lil stationary shop in Downtown Fredericksburg! Limited spots available so grab your ticket today!

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  • 18" Doll Clothes

    Growing up, I loved playing with my American Girl Dolls. I would create elaborate stories while playing with them, but didn't always have the outfits I needed to bring those stories to life. Now I am creating the outfits I always dreamed of...or maybe this is just my way of still playing with dolls as an adult...

  • Hand-Lettering

    In case you can't tell yet.. I have a passion for creating! I love that hand-lettering allows me to bring events to life with carefully designed lettering and illustrations. Need custom lettering? Let's chat!

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  • Reversible Plant Pot Covers

    I use recycled canvas fabric to make my Reversible Plant Pot Covers. Great for dressing up your boring plant pots. Can also be used for organizing or as a reusable gift bag!

  • Reusable Organic Cotton Rounds

    I use organic cotton fabric to make my Reusable Cotton Rounds that get more absorbent with every wash. Best used for applying toner/other light skin care products or for removing light makeup.

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Reusable Cotton Rounds

For You

For You

Handcrafted reusable cotton rounds and scrunchies.